5 Best Free Tracking Apps for Twitter Unfollowers 2020


Since ages, Twitter is the most favourite social media network for many people to promote themselves or their business. It gives out guaranteed results for anybody if uses properly in an efficient manner.

Twitter depends on a principle- “How to tweet and When to tweet”. For this, you need to know your targeted audiences (followers), the peak time to post your tweet, relevant hashtags to get maximum visits.

No wonder, an active and reliable follower will react quickly to your tweets and sometimes retweets also. This phenomenon enhances your post engagement by building relationships.

But these days most of the people are creating fake twitter profiles and after getting followed back they start unfollowing us. It’s difficult to find out all the unfollowers manually so there are many free Tracking Apps for Twitter Unfollowers to find and unfollow those non-followers.

Need of Knowing Twitter Unfollowers:

  • Knowing your non-followers and unfollowing them will give you a chance to connect with more targeted people as twitter allows only 2000 followers.
  • Removing people who are not compatible with your business will give you a scope to find out your business targeted audiences.

Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools 2020

1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire, formerly known as justunfollowers was invented by Codigami Inc. This refurbished name has added many more features to this twitter unfollowers app.

This app will keep your twitter account clean by unfollowing all the accounts that are not following you. It consists of dedicated IOS and android apps that help you flush out your twitter non-followers on the go.

The major disadvantage of Crowdfire is it allows only 25 accounts to unfollow daily if you are using the free version.

2. ManageFlitter

This is one of the best Tracking Apps for Twitter Unfollowers and has been marked in top-notch social media blogs like buffer.

It consists of an exceptional feature, which unfollows the most talkative twitter accounts you are following. This lets your profile noise-free and allows you to concentrate more on the important news feed.

The coolest feature of this app is it shows you the number of every Twitter users you are following.

There are many other filters and visual pleasures you will love using them once you log in.

3. Circleboom

This app strengthens its users by providing a set of features including unfollow tools, follow tools, scheduled posts module, RSS feeds module, and in-depth analytics.

This is the most affordable and responsive twitter unfollowers app where you can handle all the follow and unfollow tasks in the mobile only.

Circleboom consists of 4 main modules:

1. Smart Tweets:

This module provides tools for connecting RSS feed of your business blog or website to Twitter accounts and for also scheduling tweets.

2. Follow module:

 This module assists users to find out new followers based on tags, interests and more. You can search the tweets and bio for the trends you are interested in.

3. Unfollow module:

 This module finds out the spam or fake accounts, eggheads, inactive ones and very active accounts and even the non-followers. It also provides a White-List submodule to avert unwanted unfollow actions.

4. Analytics module:

 This module provides certain technical stats about your profile.

4. SocialBro

This is a very powerful app that unfollows bulk twitter accounts.

It has many other functions like:

Audience insights: Here you can check out all the insights of your follower stats.

Collaborators: Here you can collaborate all your teammate’s work by controlling their access to twitter account based on their position.

Analyze competitor: Here you can track the efficiency and progress of your competitor twitter accounts by analysing their changes in strategy, evolution with time and more.

Socialbro consists of a pretty simple yet powerful interface where you can go to the dashboard and community option on the top bar. It shows out all the users and more filters that show off the non-followers.

5. Tweepi

Tweepi is the fast and precise twitter unfollowers app that displays the accurate synchronized list of recent twitter profiles. You can simply use this app to unfollow twitter users absolutely for free.

This app also consists of a premium plan to get more advanced features, yet the free version is enough for unfollowing the non-followers twitter accounts. Unfollowing the non-followers helps you to clean your twitter profile and even makes you authoritative by following the accounts who give you value. These tools will definitely help you to get the best results you desired for.

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